Kim is the best publicist that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with over the past 21 years...

- Douglas Gray

Author - 22 Best Selling Books

T 250.390.9285
January 20, 2018

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Kim makes my job easy! Kim consistently provides quality guests and experts. Not only does she anticipate my needs, she often has the answers before I ask the questions. She is the first person I call, and is one of the most professional and personable people I work with.
- Ami Catriona
Infinite Potential Productions

It's always a pleasure working on story leads from Kimberly at Publicity Mavens. I know that what we arrange will be organized and that all of our needs, from a television perspective will be met. She's there on site to help, and she's always helpful, without getting in the way or 'stepping on toes' as we get the story done. I know that when we follow up on a press release from Kim, we'll have no regrets.
- Kait Burgan
Video Journalist, Shaw TV

Kim has sent us the most outstanding women authors for our radio show. Her attention to detail and her drive for her clients to be in the limlight are outstanding. I work with several PR firms worldwide and can honestly say Kim is a perfectionist and such a joy to work with. She makes my job of booking women clients on our radio show alot easier. Thank you Kim!
- Deb Bailey
Power Women Magazine and Radio Show

Kim Plumley of Publicity Mavens is my fellow colleague. We first began working together, I believe, about 4-5 years ago when Kim first contacted Rave! regarding providing book reviews for her clients, usually Wiley & Sons, or authors, such as Michelle Borba. We have since also expanded to networking back and forth, as well as Kim being one of my "go to people" when I have questions on book publishing or publishers, or when I am looking for related referrals. Most recently, she referred me to an excellent book-writing-for- publication coach. To date, I have found Kim to be extremely professional, and by far one of the easiest publicists with which to work. One of the traits that I most enjoy about Kim is that she has found and succeeded at keeping a wonderful balance between professionalism and still maintaining the common-person warmth - when you meet her the first time you feel her openness, genuineness, and it seems like you have known her 'forever'. If I ever need a publicist for anything, Kim and Publicity Mavens by far would be my first call!
- Caesi Bevis, Editor
Rave! Entertainment

As a radio broadcaster, I'm in regular contact with a lot of people in publicity with varying degrees of success. Kim is efficient, conscientious, and unfailingly pleasant to work with.
- Dave Graham
Morning Host, 88.5 The Beach Parksville/Qualicum Beach, BC

- Tom Allen
Howe Street Media

Kim is an amazing publicist and has been able to find great guests to be on our show! She is truly a hard worker, and fulfills expectations time and time again. She is a keeper!
- Andrea Stewart
The Brad Brooks Show/ CKNW News Talk 980 Vancouver

Kimberly is an active community person providing her time and skill to help the Lantzville Log Society's community's newspaper, The Log. The paper's content has been diversified with the inclusion of her monthly book review. The book give-away has been greatly appreciated by the district residents, especially the winners of the book draw. Her reviews have been concise, illustrative, very timely and appropriate for the month of the year. We appreciate her donating time each month to provide the readers with a glimpse of the diverse selection of books available to us for enjoyment and education.
- Chalmers Whitelaw
Editor - The Log, Lantzville Log Society

Kimberley Plumley is a reporter's dream: When we need a source, she provides one quickly; she respects our deadlines and fulfills our needs with such efficiency, she's a pleasure to deal with.
- Mary Frances Hill
Arts Editor - WestEnder

I couldn't live without them. Publicity Mavens helped move my career to the next level...national radio, a TV interview and a full two page spread in a national paper. What more could I ask for? I think I'll name my next child after them!
- Karen Hollowell
Pixel Ranch Corp.

From a producer stand point, Kim delivers everything you need when you need it: fascinating and engaging! It has been a pleasure working with her.
- Amy Beeman
Producer/Co-Host- The Kid Carson Show

Kim has provided me with some awesome guests and is a pleasure to work with!
- Jessica Romp
Associate Producer-The Standard

Kim Plumley consistently delivers a variety of fantastic guest opportunities, providing rich content for our programs. This, accompanied by her superior professionalism, makes her simply one of the best! She truly is our go-to-girl for our author-features, which is why we use Kim's clients more than any other publicist!
- Jeff Winskell
Standard radio Inc

A powerhouse publicist, Kim can be counted on to give good press. And did I mention she's also wickedly funny to boot?"
- Anna Dupas
Canada Wide magazines-TV Week

Kim continues to shine with her amazing professionalism & foresight. It's always a delight to work with Publicity Mavens
- Thor Diakow
Associate Producer-Breakfast Television

Prompt, efficient, but never overly pushy, Kim is the ideal publicist from a writer's perspective.
- Angela Murrills
Food Writer, The Georgia Straight

It's been a pleasure working with Kim and her clients... informative, fun and thorough! Just what a person needs.
- Robin Mednick
Executive Producer - The Good Life Show on Sirius Satellite Radio

Kim Plumley is the greatest! I have recommended authors take their projects to her, because she will do the BEST job for them. Kim has introduced us to fascinating writers and their books. We can ALWAYS rely on Kim to do whatever is necessary to make her clients available for our interviews. Keep up the great work!
- Tom Allen

Kim provides interesting guests and outstanding, personal service. I'm grateful to know her.
- Dave Graham
88.5 The Beach

"I can always count on Kimberly Plumley to tailor guests to suit my news magazine and arrange hassle-free interviews".
- Christine Curtis
CFOS Radio, Owen Sound

Efficient, effervescent, professional - these are qualities that publicity professional Kim Plumley possesses in spades. Best of all - when she says she'll do something, she does, instilling a sense of both comfort and confidence when dealing with her for any reason. Kim is a real people-person who understands deadlines, editorial last-minute changes, and the intricacies of working with various media. She's also a fountain of good ideas, who goes above and beyond the call of duty to help. Now that's a maven worth knowing!
- Mary Luz Mejia
Writer/Researcher - Suite

Kim Plumley came into focus for me as an energetic, eager, and involved parent, promoter, and connection-enthusiast. When I call her on the phone, she sounds responsive and pleased to hear from me. She has connected me with a variety of intriguing authors, speakers, and practitioners, and I look forward to our communication unfolding further.
- Lynn Thompson
Host/Producer CHLY FM Nanaimo

Kim is a joy to work with! Both authors she recommended for our show were unique and interesting. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
- Robin McNabb
Producer - The Storytelling Show

If a maven is one who has special knowledge, powers, and experience - an expert - then Plumley certainly fits the handle she's chosen for her company. She's pretty well a PR superhero amongst a breed who rarely rise above the status of a 'flack'. If I needed someone to organize my life, I'd call her. As it is, she calls me!
- David Lennam
Journalist - Oak Bay News

Kim Plumley, Superstar! As a former practitioner of public and media relations, I am constantly on the lookout for standout talent in the industry. It has been my great pleasure to find someone who not only meets, but consistently surpasses every expectation. She approaches each project with great care, enthusiasm, and wonderful sense of fun and/or compassion - as the case may be. Her clients clearly respect her and enjoy working with her. Kim knows the media, understands deadlines, and always delivers concise, well-researched and focused information. Plus, she's there in a pinch - every journalist's dream.
- Carla Lucchetta
Associate Producer - Breakfast Television - Citytv Vancouver

Kim Plumley is my favourite publicist to work with. She consistantly delivers the highest-calibre guests who always hit the mark. I look forward to working with her again for Gabereau season 8!
- Jonathon Roth - producer
Gabereau - CTV

Kim Plumley has always been a helpful PR contact, offering many great guests in a friendly and professional manner. She knows what we are looking for in TV and acts as an efficient conduit for people who may not be entirely familiar with how the media works.
- Terry MacIsaac
BCTV/Global weekend producer

Kim Plumley is God's gift to a reporter on deadline. She knows how to find great sources in a hurry. Thanks for coming through for me when I was looking for sources for my story for Today's Parent, just as you did a few year's back for my story for Canadian Living. You are the best.
- Ann Douglas

Perfect. I know why you are a maven.......quelle efficiency.
- Grania Litwin
Arts and Life reporter for Victoria Times Colonist

Who wouldn't like a P.R. woman who returns calls (quickly), sets up interviews (efficiently) and doesn't make you feel like you are editorially endebted to her forever for it? Yep, Kim can stay
- Kate McLennan
Vancouver Fashion Magazine

Kim marches to her own beat and ... mine. She's got a terrific knack for knowing what I need before I do and effortlessly orchestrates the minutiae for a seamless and timely delivery of information or interview subject. She's is funny, a fount of interesting factoids and her magnetic personality attracts all the right elements. When someone strung the words "you go girl" together, they were probably talking about Kim. She goes the distance and then some.
- Judith Lane
Writer wine + food + travel

Kim is your consummate publicity maven. An expert. She is fast in setting up interviews with the latest food gurus, reliable, creative, funny and decisive. She is where I turn first for info on who's coming to town. Not only that, she is in the know on the Vancouver scene and can tell you where to eat, have a martini or buy the latest fashions. She is one cool chick.
- Shelora Sheldon
EAT! Magazine

Kimberly Plumley is pure GOLD. I can always count on Kim to find the really relevant aspect of her client's work that makes me want to run her stories and make her clients look extra-good. Kim is professional, efficient, accurate, friendly, accommodating and above all, prompt. And yes -- she can SPELL!

Selfishly speaking -- and especially given the great number of people who cannot provide what Kimberly does in this market -- I want to see her get loads of work, because that means I will have a steady stream of excellent material. From my point of view, my readers are paramount, and with Kim on board, I know I will always have lots of satisfying stories to keep my audience happy. I presume that getting lots of good exposure is what her clients expect, so, as far as I can see, with Kimberly Plumley on the job...everybody wins!

- Anne Garber
Managing Director, Media, Inc.

Kim understands the media and what it takes to interest the media. She's great at her job and wonderful to work with. I've worked with her for several years -- she works hard for her clients and knows how to get their message out.
- Mi-Jung Lee

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