Kim is the best publicist that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with over the past 21 years...

- Douglas Gray

Author - 22 Best Selling Books

T 250.390.9285
January 20, 2018

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Bug In A Rug

Adorable and cozy - Bug In The Rugs are the best import from Australia since Russell Crowe - (he could be adorable and cozy too). Bugs are great outer wear for infants - certainly my gift of choice when a wee one is born!» Visit the Site

Chatelaine Magazine

Chock full of useful info every month - in both the magazine and on-line. Like tips to being healthier and really like the recipes. Hmmm - Does that balance each other out?» Visit the Site

John Wiley and Sons Canada

Great books and great people! Meghan and Lucas are stars over there and know how to promote books!» Visit the Site

Hula-la graphic design and cards

OK - I stalked Cynthia of Hula-la and asked her to be my client. Her work is so fun! She and her hubby are fun!It's just fun! Hey and thanks for the terrific mural for Grace's room!» Visit the Site

Ann Douglas

Ann Douglas is the best Canadian parenting writer! I also count her as a friend. She has guided me through many pregnancy and parenting issues - just as she has done for millions of North Americans. She is an amazing woman and brings a great sense of humour to her books.» Visit the Site

WestCoast Families

Loads of great family things in this monthly magazine. Watch for articles from me every so often.» Visit the Site

Mom Management - Managing Mom Before Everybody Else

Love Tracy Lyn Moland!One of the most positive, hard working women I know. She's a mother, wife, professional speaker, author, teacher, entrepreneur as well as my friend and spa buddy!» Visit the Site

Diamond Heart Foundation

To fund the development and sustainability of programs and services that promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, based on holistic care.» Visit the Site

Comprehensive site - all about Vancouver! Good restaurant reviews. Anne Garber is the one who knows all!» Visit the Site

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