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- Douglas Gray

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December 17, 2017

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Better Love Next Time: How the Relationship that Didn't Last Can Lead You to the One that Will
J.M. Kearns
John Wiley and Sons Canada,

With his usual humor and compassion, J. M. Kearns offers help with the pain of a breakup, and more than that, he explains how to understand and heal the damage it has done. He presents a simple (and entertaining) way to diagnose what made the relationship fail, so history won't have to repeat itself, and then reveals how a woman can decode the "manual for happiness" written in her own past. Full of inspiring vignettes, this candid and uplifting book ensures that when women do find Mr. Right, they will arrive whole, renewed, and empowered to make this love the one that lasts. J.M. Kearns, PhD (Nashville, TN), is the author of Why Mr. Right Can't Find You (978-0-470-15459-5). It has been featured on Oprah & Friends and in Glamour, OK! and many other magazines.

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